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January 27, 2011
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Kamitsure WIP by kuribou Kamitsure WIP by kuribou
So I sat down today to actually get started on my Kamitsure cosplay. The plan was to have it done by ACEN, but then the BW Mall Tour was announced. Even though MOA hates it when you go in costume, and I will probably get in trouble for my mid-drift showing (so scandalous~*~) I am going to attempt it anyway.

Headphones were made with a styrofoam base covered in lightweight clay and duct taped (so ghetto but the Hot glue would not adhere to the shiny plastic) to a headband. I bought the cheapest AUX cable I could find at Best Buy (which was still 16$ x-x) cut it in half and duct taped those too.

The wig is from my America cosplay. Yay for recycling!

I've gotten half way doing the black torso straps. Lol idk what to call them. And still have the vest to make and shoes to buy and I'll be done! Yay :3

Pikachu is stand in for Emonga. Lol, it's the only Electric plush I have for reals :( I need to make sure I get one from Gin before the Pokemon Center stops selling them.

Kamitsure (c) Pokemon Black and White
raphamasku Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I love her so much! I have my cosplay of MORTY, from pokemon soul silver! *-* your headphones are cuuuutes! >3
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